Tobacco Engagements

We have our own field team engaged in Extension, Developments, Experiments, Trials, etc. Company management and staff personnel are well experienced who are working in field of Production, Procurement, Processing (Threshing / Redrying), Storing, Shipment, Administration, Accounts etc. at our different units.

They are regularly and actively supervising tobacco growing all over the areas covering the growers especially in Rangpur Air cured (ACV-Burely and DV) area.

We help the growers regarding technical know-how of successful production of different types/ verities of Tobacco and also provide credit support in some areas to ensure optimum production. We procure most of our tobacco from the growers directly at our different buying points/centers through our agents. We also buy very little quantity Tobacco from the Suppliers when we need them against our required quality and quantity.

Plant & Machinery
Plant & Machinery
(Redrying Plant)
Plant & Machinery
(Primary Processing Line)
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Plant & Machinery
(Green Leaf Threshing Plant)
Paked Tobacco
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